XOSAN is a virtual SAN that allows you to create a shared SR (Storage Repository) by combining your existing local SRs. It's a software defined and hyperconverged solution for XenServer.


This documentation will give you some advice and assistance in order to create an XOSAN storage on your XenServer or XCP-ng infrastructure.


XOSAN will "gather" all your local disks (across multiple hosts) into a shared SR, that XenServer/XCP-ng will just see as any other shared SR, without limitations (you can live migrate, snapshot, backup, whatever you need). It's a fully software defined solution that doesn't require you to buy extra hardware. It can even run on the disk where your Citrix Hypervisor (Xenserver) or XCP-ng is already installed!

The objectives are to:

  • protect your data thanks to replication of data across multiple hosts
  • Unlock High Availability without buying a NAS nor a SAN
  • give you flexibility to grow your storage by adding new nodes
  • work on all kinds of hardware, HDDs or SSDs, with hardware RAID or not


To deploy XOSAN, please follow the rest of the documentation:

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