# Releases

Xen Orchestra is distributed in 2 ways:

  1. Through XOA
  2. "as is" from GitHub

XOA (Xen Orchestra virtual Appliance) is the pre-installed VM with:

  • everything ready to work
  • complete QA (tested) to guarantee it will work
  • a web updater
  • bundled remote support capabilities
  • extra services (XO Hub, XO Recipies, Advanced metrics, XOSAN…)
  • secured system (sudo, firewall)

It's really trivial to deploy it, as you can see in the XOA install section.


In any case, we suggest that you try XOA first, regardless your future usage. It's the easiest way to test everything!

# XOA updates

See the updates dedicated section to learn how to keep your XOA up to date.

# Github updates

If you decide to install it from the sources, please always try to stick to master as possible. Before opening any bug report or topic on the forum, update to the latest commit.

Because you cloned the repository on master, just git pull!


There's no community support on XO installations that aren't up to date to master.