# Rolling snapshots


Snapshots aren't really a backup, but a convenient way to rollback in time. All snapshots are on the same storage as their original disk: if you lose the original disk or storage, you'll lose all your snapshots. Also, they are not mutually exclusive with backups.

We strongly advise that you do NOT rely only on snapshots!

This feature is similar to Backups, but it creates a snapshot when planned to do so. It also handles the retention (removing the oldest snapshot). This feature is very convenient to rollback to a previous state.


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Due to space usage, rolling snapshots should be avoided for large VMs on non-thin provisioned storages.

# Examples

  • Schedule a nightly snapshot for a group of VMs, let's say at 4:30 in the morning. With a max snapshot of 7, you'll have a week of revert possibility
  • Schedule a snapshot every week, but precisely Sunday at 11 PM, with 4 snapshots max. This will give you a month max of revert
  • And so forth!