# Deploy new appliance

First step, you have to deploy a new appliance. All needed information is here

# Export configuration

To export your current configuration, navigate to Settings -> Config. Here you will see a button labeled Download current config. Click on it, then an export modal will appear.

You can set a passphrase to encrypt the exported configuration.

# Import configuration

Now it's time to import your configuration to the new appliance. Go to the Settings -> Config page of your new appliance. Here you have an import section where you can drag and drop your exported configuration file.

When your configuration is loaded, click to import. A new modal will appear to ask you the passphrase to decrypt your configuration. If you didn't set a passphrase when you exported your configuration, leave it empty.

# Advanced users

If you made custom adjustments to the /etc/xo-server config file on your previous appliance, unfortunately you will have to recreate these modifications on the new appliance.