You can buy XOA in multiple way, depending of you need. Click on the following links to have more documentation:

XOA Editions

To find which XOA Edition fits your needs, please read the dedicated page about it.


Invoices are available in PDF format. Details here.


You can ask for an automatic quote on our website on the pricing page or directely from you personal space.


Choose the plan you want, the number of year of commitment that suits you and fill the informations required (prefilled with your account informations.

If you want to purchase XO using the quote you got, you just have to enter the quote number on the purchase menu, on your personal space.

Edit your card informations

If you choose a Stripe payment, you can always edit the credit card informations in case you need it. To do so, you only have to connect on your personal space and go on the profile menu.

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