All in one Web application

Just open your browser, go to your Xen Orchestra page and that's it! You can control your whole Xen infrastructure from there.

Live Demo

Understand everything in one view

The main view focus on what matter. More than just statistics, you'll know where are your VM and how much resources left from your hosts.

Explore and see your resources

In few clicks, you can see and track which VM taking most resources, which disk is the largest, etc.

Provision your VMs

Provision your VM in one simple view: set CPUs, RAM, networks and disks in few clicks!

Search and filter

Our powerful search bar allows live filtering on every object. Searching for VMs with specific range of IP? Just start typing IP address and see the magic!

Lightning fast!

XO is based on cutting edge web technologies: it's a single page application based on latest Javascript technologies (NodeJS, AngularJS). It's really fast!

Commercial Support

Go to our Services page to get XO Enterprise: the flexibility of Open Source with the best support available from the editor.

XO Enterprise

Open Source

Xen Orchestra is fully Open Source: sources are available on our GitHub page. You can contribute to this great project!

Go to our GitHub repo

Plug and play

Import the XO Appliance, start it and... that's it! All the settings are available directly in the web application.

Download XO Appliance