# Community support

We do our best to assist users running Xen Orchestra from the sources on our community forums (opens new window). However there's no guarantee you will receive a solution (from us or the community), nor any guarantee on a timeframe. Usually we are responsive, but keep in mind that if you need production level support, you should consider subscribing to our XOA offers (opens new window).


If you installed your XO from a 3rd party script (any method outside our official documentation), please report your issue first on the 3rd party script repository. We can't waste time debugging 3rd party installers that very often lag behind our own deployment methods and fall out of date.

# Current version

With Xen Orchestra from the sources, you can check your current commit hash in the About section:


You can compare this hash to the current commit list in our GitHub repository (opens new window).

# Report a bug


Before reporting a bug, please check that your current version is up-to-date with the latest commit on master! See the "Current version" section below.

If you have issues with XO installed from the sources (via GitHub), please always first:

  1. update your XO to the latest master commit (see how-to in the dedicated section) and retest again
  2. if the issue persists, double check you have all the requirements checked from the installation section and test again
  3. then, if you still experience problems, remove and rebuild from scratch

Only after that, you can go to the dedicated forum (opens new window) to ask about your problem.


If you want a consistent and tested solution for using Xen Orchestra, we strongly advise using our preconfigured and validated Xen Orchestra Virtual Appliance.

# Feature requests

The best way to submit a feature request is to:

  1. Ask on the forum first, explaining why you need it.
  2. If the discussion is fruitful, we might ask you to create the request on our GitHub repository (opens new window) and choose "Feature request".
  3. Wait for the feature to be released!


Obviously, XOA users get a higher priority to get new features, since they contribute directly to the project with a subscription. However, your feedback/ideas are always welcome, and the more popular the feature request is, the higher the chances it will be added!