# Support


See the dedicated sub-section to read more about XOA support and usage.

Xen Orchestra will run in a controlled/tested environment thanks to XOA (Xen Orchestra virtual Appliance (opens new window)). This is the only way to get pro support. Any account with a registered XOA can access a dedicated support panel (opens new window).

XOA is available in multiple plans:

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Enterprise
  • Premium

Higher tier support plans include faster ticket response times (and cover more features). Paid support plans and response times are based on the plan you have, plans can be reviewed here (opens new window).


If you have a subscription (or at least a registered free XOA), you can open a ticket describing your issue directly from your personal account page here (opens new window)

# XOA Free support

With the free version of the Xen Orchestra Appliance (XOA free), you can open private support tickets and we will do our best to assist you, however, this support is limited and is not guaranteed in regards to response times or resolutions offered.

# Community support

Lastly while Xen Orchestra is free and Open Source software, supporting and developing it takes a lot of effort. If you are considering using Xen Orchestra in production, please subscribe for one of our professional support plans (opens new window).

Read more in the dedicated section for community support.