# Roadmap

The goal of this document is to give you a hint of what's next. However since all topics are very complex, there's no specific order or target date.

# In tech preview

This means some parts of the following features are already available, but only partially.

  • XO Lite: a small/light version of Xen Orchestra bundled inside your XCP-ng host.
  • XO 6: a large revamp of Xen Orchestra with improved speed, security, lazy loading, XO tasks, a brand new UI and much more!
  • Project Pyrgos: easy k8s cluster creation
  • XO Tasks: track all actions via XO tasks and not only XAPI tasks

# In progress

Items in this list are already undergoing development, but are not yet available to test.

  • CBT to reduce the snapshot life and therefore reducing the coalesce needed on a storage
  • Better backup reports

# In design/PoC phase

This is the initial concept phase, where we discuss the general approach and how to make the feature real:

  • Packer plugin for XO API (already working for XCP-ng API)
  • Firewall orchestration to provide adaptive/automated network segmentation
  • More automation in DR cases

# Backlog

A short non-ordered list of interesting features or ideas to develop eventually:

  • AWS Glacier support
  • Tape support