Upgrade to XenServer 7.2

Since XenServer 7.2 is now available, we'll see how to upgrade. Note: XenServer 7.1 is still in LTS. No emergency to upgrade on 7. »

XenServer 7.2

XenServer 7.2 is already here! Not a lot had changed since 7.1, which is pretty normal since the last release is only few months »

One-liner to deploy XOA

You want to quickly deploy XOA (Xen Orchestra virtual Appliance) on your XenServer infrastructure? It's already fully agentless -nothing to install on your hosts or VMs-, »

Improving security in Xen Orchestra

Since our latest update in 5.8.1, we decided to provide an extra security step for connecting to non-valid HTTPS certificates. Default in HTTPS As »

XOA improvements

Xen Orchestra Appliance (XOA) is now providing more integrated assistance, like: XOA health checks XOA auto-tunnel creation for easy remote SSH pro-support XOA assisted network configuration »