Special discount for companies with less than 3 sockets

Here, at Xen Orchestra, we are pretty proud of our flat rate pricing strategy. For most of the companies, it's the perfect system. It's easy to »

New XOSAN benchmarks

For those following us on Twitter or Facebook, you probably saw this recently: The new lab is on the right. We have here: 5x Dell T30 »

Xen Orchestra 5.10

June release! It's a maintenance release with code cleanup and improved robustness. But also a big news: consoles with support of all non-US layout! Better consoles »

XenServer consoles

In order to access your VM console, we are using a VNC HTML5 console, called "noVNC". No plugin to install, it just works ©, 3 years from »

Improved XenServer patching

Despite we already streamed the patches all the way along (download, unzip, upload on the fly at once), we still have ways to improve the patch »