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Xen Orchestra Proxy

Xen Orchestra proxies are available if you are using the latest branch release.

What is it?

Xen Orchestra proxy is a new product working with Xen Orchestra, specifically with all the Xen Orchestra backup features. The main use case for backup proxy is the need to execute backup in distant location, or in location with a very large number in VMs and therefore, a very large number of jobs executed at the same moment.

XO Proxy will have the ability to stream the data for any backup job instead of your main Xen Orchestra appliance, very handy when your backup job needs to be done in a location different of the one in which you deployed Xen Orchestra.

Proxies should be used in one of this two situation:

  • You need to do backup in a distant location and want to avoid useless back and forth of the data streamed
  • Your VMs infrastructure is very large and you need to split the load between XO and proxies to increase performances

How it works?

Technically speaking, the process is rather easy to understand. Proxies are working as a "minimalistic" Xen Orchestra appliance whose only purpose is to execute backup jobs when they are required to do so by a central Xen Orchestra.

To go a little bit deeper in the explanation, we wrote, a while back, a Devblog explaining the choices we made regarding the proxies implementation, and some of the ideas we have for the future of this product.

Purchase process

If you are a Premium edition customer for Xen Orchestra, one XO proxy is available for free in your edition!

With the XO Proxies is also coming a brand new licensing system in Xen Orchestra to allow you to deploy multiple proxies in different infrastructure.
As always, our goal was to create an easy and turnkey process for purchase and licenses activation.


  1. On the Proxy page click on the "Buy" button
  2. Once in the store, you will have the ability to select one or multiple proxies to purchase at once
  3. Follow the step-by-step in the store (if you need help, you can still use our documentation)

Bind your license

Once the purchase is complete.

  1. In the proxy section of your appliance, deploy a proxy.

  2. If you have an available proxy license, it will automatically be used for your newly created proxy.
  3. That's it, your proxy is now deployed and licensed. You can create a backup job.


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