Xen Orchestra 5.9

Here it comes! Xen Orchestra 5.9 is now available. Storage health We added a new view in the existing "Health" section of Xen Orchestra. You »

Xen Orchestra 5.8

April release! A lot of small issues fixed plus nice enhancements: faster Xen Orchestra and streamlined XOSAN deployment. Faster Xen Orchestra We made good progress to »

Xen Orchestra 5.7

March release! Almost 40 issues closed, better global UI usability and bug fixes. Oh, and XOSAN is now working on XenServer 7.1! The complete changelog »

Xen Orchestra 5.6

First release of the year, and it's a pretty nice one! A lot of new features but also the usual pile of bug fixes. Want to »

Xen Orchestra 5.5

Xen Orchestra last release of the year and this is a pretty big one. THE big new feature is file level restore for any existing (and »