Xen Orchestra 5.48

Xen Orchestra 5.48 is available today. Audit log is improved with the ability to store fingerprints in our own server, the SDN controller is also extended thanks to OpenvSwitch capabilities.

Xen Orchestra 5.48

Xen Orchestra 5.48 is now available and brings new management tools as well as some UI improvements.

Pass the Salt conference

Olivier will give a conference during the French cybersecurity and Open Source software event tomorrow (July 1st) at 3:20PM CEST. It's free to attend and in English language - more information available on our dedicated blogpost.

To attend the event, you will need to register on this page (it's free)

Filter backups with missing jobs/schedules/VMs

When a change occurs in a backup job (eg. a VM is deleted or a VMs is removed from a backup job), old files related to the jobs such as snapshotd on the SR or backup files on the destination remote will be left untouched and won't be automatically cleared up because clearing old files is a thing usually handled during the backup job itself.

As it's a situation related to backups, we don't want to remove automatically those files, even if the backup jobs they were connected to completely disappeared. Instead, we have implemented a filter, allowing the user to track this kind of backup with missing parts and therefore allowing you to manage it the way that suits you the best.

Protect VM from accidental deletion

You can now activate an option on your critical VMs to avoid accidental deletion. This feature will forbid all deletion operations when it's active.

Copy/Clone VM templates

You have now the ability to clone or copy a VM template (eg. In case you want to migrate it to another pool).

UI Improvements

SR Status

In the SR view of your VMs we will now display the SR status: thin, or thick provisioned.


Proper detection for PV drivers and management agent

We are now doing a clear differentiation between the management agent and the PV drivers. Therefore we are now able to detect both of them.

PV drivers not detected

PV drivers detected and Management agent not detected

PV drivers detected and Management agent detected

Show IP addresses next to the VIFs

IP addresses of VMs are now displayed directly in the network panel in each VM view.

What's next

We are currently working on some important features coming soon in Xen Orchestra.

OpenFlow rules with XO SDN controller 🛡️

Controlling the VM's network traffic via XO's SDN Controller will soon be possible thanks to the OpenvSwitch capabilities. This feature will be available next month, in the meantime, you can learn more about it on the dedicated devblog our developer, Benjamin, wrote on the topic.

Auditlog fingerprints in the Cloud 🔍

We will increase the security in the audit log by providing an option to store the fingerprints in your online xen-orchestra.com account. This way, fingerprints cannot be altered by a malicious user locally, without triggering an alert.

If you want to learn more about the Audit log in general, take a look on the dedicated devblog