Xen Orchestra 5.42

Xen Orchestra 5.42 is available and comes with some big features in its hood. Xen Orchestra proxies are available in public alpha test, you can deploy automate kubernetes cluster deploy in XOA and we will attend the FOSDEM!

Xen Orchestra 5.42

First of all! We took a bit of time to reflect on the features that made 2019 for Xen Orchestra. Thank you all for your trust in 2019, Xen Orchestra 5.42 is the last release of the year. Enjoy this holiday period, and we will see you soon for an exciting new year.


Xen Orchestra proxy - public alpha

A very early version of Xen Orchestra proxy is available in public alpha test.

How to

To access the public alpha of the XO proxies, you will first need to change the release channel you are using in Xen Orchestra and select proxy-alpha

Once the update is done, you should see a new option in the menu named proxies


First step, is to deploy a proxy in a SR of your choice.

Then you need to create a remote associated with that proxy.

Finally, you can create a backup job, running on this proxy.

⚠ For now, the only backup job type that will work with proxies is the Disaster Recovery. Any other type of backup will fail!

Feedback process

If you are among the testers, all the feedback you might want to provide can be provided on this forum thread

SDN controller - bonds and VLAN support

We improved the capability of the SDN controller plugin in Xen Orchestra. The plugin is now able to use bonds and VLAN PIFs in addition to physical PIFs in order to create private network.


Recipes - Kubernetes cluster

Kubernetes is an open-source system allowing users to run, manage and scale containerized apps.

It's a very common use case to run Kubernetes clusters inside VMs. This is why we added the ability in Xen Orchestra to automate the creation of Kubernetes nodes!

Benjamin wrote a detailed devblog about this new feature.


Our team will attend the FOSDEM event in Brussels the first weekend of February (1st & 2nd). You will have the opportunity to meet us at our booth, which we will be sharing with the fellas from the Xen Project.

Stay tuned, we have some big things to announce at this occasion.