DevBlog #5 - Kubernetes cluster on XO

It'll soon be possible to deploy easily and quickly a kubernetes cluster on XO thanks to a new coming feature: XO recipes.

DevBlog #5 - Kubernetes cluster on XO

Kubernetes is an open-source system allowing its users to run, manage and scale containerized apps.
This great tool is about to be automatically deployable in XO!


XO recipes

A new feature is coming to the hub: XO recipes!
Based on the hub's template feature and cloudinit, XO recipes will allow a user to deploy several VMs at once in order to create turnkey deployments very easily.

Kubernetes cluster recipe

The first recipe available in the hub will be a kubernetes cluster.
It will be possible from XO to deploy in a few clicks:

  • a kubernetes master
  • a configurable number of kubernetes nodes working for the master

The cluster will be ready to be used at the end of the deployment.

Here's a Kubernetes cluster with 1 master and 3 nodes

How it looks in XO

This is a work in progress so the UI might change a bit between the following screenshots and the released feature.

1 - Where to find the recipe?

The hub page now has a recipes tab


2 - How to execute a recipe?

Each recipe has a specific form to fill to customize the execution

Here's the form to fill for the kubernetes cluster

3 - How do you know the recipe is finished?

A toast message will appear in the top right corner of XO allowing you to view the created VMs


Keep in mind that a recipe can take some time to be executed successfully as some VMs need other VMs to boot to completion.

4 - How to manage the VMs of a recipe?

The VMs of a recipe have a common tag xo:recipe:<recipe_name>:<timestamp> allowing you to group them


Coming soon

Enhanced Kubernetes cluster recipe

  • Possibility to create a cluster with more than 1 master

More recipes to come

  • PHP/Apache/MySQL
  • pfSense