Xen Orchestra 5.12

Holidays are over and it's release time for Xen Orchestra. The version 5.12 has landed and you can now update your XOA.

Xen Orchestra 5.12

Holidays are over and it's release time for Xen Orchestra. The version 5.12 has landed and you can now update your XOA. This release focuses mostly on "filters" in order to enhance existing features as backup or self-service! You can also enjoy retention (depth) for Continuous Replication. Finally, it's also time to test XOSAN Beta in Phase II.

Continuous Replication retention

This new feature can now combine continuous replication AND retention (depth), to give you some previous backup on your destination. Exactly like in DR, but with our exclusive delta capability!

You have now a better protection for your replicated VMs: you can boot an older replicated version in a second.

Grouped disk actions

In the SR/disk view, you can now select multiple disks to remove them at once. It will also work if you filter your search. Very very useful if you want to make some cleaning without making hundreds of clicks:

You have:

  • the number of disks selected
  • all disks of the page if you want
  • white "delete" button to delete all selected disks

New filters!

In order to provide a more lean experience, we added some new awesome filters.

As a result, you can now filter display to watch only tasks running on a specific pool:

We also added a filter for self service VM in the home view, it's now easy to see which VM is in which resource set:

And for our backup users, you can now filter the backup log in order to find specific backup status within a job (eg. Only the failed backup VMs in a job):

Disks that need to be coalesced

We also added the total number of disks that need to be coalesced when you have a VDI chain. This information will give you a hint of the time your infrastructure requires to coalesce properly the VDI when you are running a backup job.


Here we are, the second beta phase for XOSAN is released. This is a big step forward regarding the final release for our hyperconverged and software defined storage solution for XenServer.

We worked a lot on performance and stability during the first stage of the beta.

Discover XOSAN

If you are not yet familiar with our software defined hyperconvergence solution for XenServer, we highly recommend you to consult the previous blog post we made about it:

Beta phase III

The last phase (and final!) will be about tiering and multi-disks by XOSAN VM controller.

If you are interested in our solution, now is the moment to join the beta and make us as much feedback as possible to shape the product the way you will enjoy it when it's released.

To join the beta, follow the explanation on our dedicated documentation. This beta phase is open to everyone and we are waiting for your feedback. You should also take a look on our XOSAN : getting started guide.