New releases of XO 3.6

We're back! And with a lot of new features and bugfixes. The list of new possibilities is pretty extensive (see below).

We are also excited about 2015: a new developer is coming in January and we'll be fully dedicated on Xen Orchestra, thus running at full speed for the whole year.

Available in XOA Starter:

And for everyone:

You can read the complete changelog here.


As you may read in the title, we wrote "New releaseS". Because we released 2 things:

  • XOA Starter Beta: we officially released XOA Starter in Beta version. This XOA version contains unlimited support + VM Import and Export mechanism + Patching + Snapshot export.

Check our article to know more about the beta program and why we are starting it now.

  • XOA Basic: latest version of Xen Orchestra in a ready to roll appliance. It will give you a nice look of what you can do in it. It's totally free! You can download it through the main page of our website (the form with "Download now" in red)

  • From the sources: do you want to install it manually from the sources? Go ahead, it's Open Source!