Xen Orchestra is always going faster

Xen Orchestra is always going faster

We are currently working on a new optimisation of Xen Orchestra (server side), that makes everything going faster: connection time and bandwidth reduced, plus in bonus smaller memory and CPU footprint on the process itself.

Faster connection

Let's compare adding a small pool with new xo-server vs the current one:

Initial synchronisation during pool connection is almost twice faster (6s vs 10s). And this should be even better on a larger infrastructure!

Bandwidth friendly

The initial sync data transfer (pool connection):

In other words, 30% less bandwidth used.

Smaller footprint

What about memory and CPU usage during this first sync?

Memory usage:

Basically, 7% less memory used. But the best thing is to come, about CPU usage.

First using the new xo-server (until second n°50), then using the old:

The CPU load is 35% smaller with the optimization!

When this will be available (next release?), feel free to share your benchmarks!