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Xen Orchestra 5.61

Xen Orchestra 5.61 is available and comes with some QoL improvements. The focus of our team is still on Xen Orchestra Lite as well as the future majore release: Xen Orchestra 6.

XO Lite & Material UI

As we announced last month, our team is hard at work with XO Lite. As we are making choices, we are willing to share some of them with you.

XO Lite will be designed using Material UI, a very well known react framework. We chose this framework for multiple reasons, firstly because we think it looks good. It's also because it's a very popular framework, used by a lot of people and that will most likely be maintained for a long time. Finally, it has very good integration with React, which is the library we are using for Xen Orchestra for a while now.

Use default migration network

Xen Orchestra will now use the default migration network when XO performs a host evacuate action.

Host evacuate is an action made by the XAPI in various situations (eg. rolling pool updates) that will migrate all the VMs on a host.

Force Shutdown

If a clean shutdown/reboot of a VM failed, the user will now have the ability to force shutdown the VMs in the same dialog.

Netbox plugin: allow self-signed certificate

In the Xen Orchestra Netbox plugin, you can now activate an option allowing you to use a self-signed certificate.

Show active VDI for base copy

Base copies will now display the VDI to which they are attached. This will provide a better comprehension of chain disks of a given infrastructure but also be helpful to solve coalesce issues when they occur.

What's next

Merge worker

the change of architecture (backup workers) has multiplied the number of I/O in parallel on the remotes.

to solve this problem, we will remove the merge task from the backup execution in a separate process.

in the long term it is possible that this worker will be deferred directly to the storage platform which will greatly improve the performance.



Marketing manager at Vates since 2017, working on the communication and business development on Xen Orchestra and XCP-ng virtualization platform. I'm also a tech enthusiast and a fan of photography.

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