Xen Orchestra 5.52

Xen Orchestra 5.52 is available and brings the first wave of improvements regarding backup in Xen Orchestra.

Xen Orchestra 5.52

Resumable VHD Merge - Proxy

From time to time, a delta backup job can fail during the VHD merge process. Until now, this was a very complicated situation because it could not only break the existing VHD file on the remote side and force us to recreate a full backup job during the next run, or, a bit less problematic, it would force us to restart the merge process at the very beginning.

In the Xen Orchestra proxies, we have improved this situation and implemented a new feature giving us the ability to continue a merge after an interruption.

Currently, this option is only available in the XO Proxy as proxies benefits from the most recent backup code we are currently working on. This will soon be available in Xen Orchestra Appliance also.

XCP-ng/Xenserver hosts certificates manager

A new panel is available in the advanced section of the pages for your hosts allowing you to manage your host certificates and to install new ones.

CPU scheduling

⚠ XCP-ng 8.2 exclusive feature

As we announced in the beta release of XCP-ng 8.2, we introduced an XAPI method allowing you to select different granularity for your core scheduling. In Xen Orchestra, you now have a panel allowing you to manage your core scheduling the way you want.

This feature will allow you to use hyperthreading with extra bits of security, in particular regarding side channel attacks (as Spectre, Meltdown, Fallout...).

Allow self users to set network

Self services users are now allowed to set a network if the said network is within the resources allocated to this user.

QoL improvements

Add old packaged version installed

We will now display the current (old) version currently installed in your infrastructure when informing you about available updates for Xen Orchestra.

Audit log documentation

Audit log documentation is now available and complete in our official documentation.

Ability to update HTTP proxy configuration

We added the ability to edit the http proxy configuration after a proxy deployment (and not only during the initial deployment).