Xen Orchestra 5.39

Xen Orchestra 5.39 is available. XVA store is available, and we started alpha tests for the XO proxies in some users infrastructure. We have also added the ability to use encryption in the SDN controller.

Xen Orchestra 5.39

As usual, all the new features are available on the latest release branch in your appliance.

Xen Orchestra Hub - XVA store

Last month, we introduced this new feature our team is working on: the Xen Orchestra Hub. The very first version of the hub is now available in a beta version and you can find an XVA catalog with some popular VM templates to deploy in your own infrastructure.

Share your feedback or request new templates in the dedicated forum thread. The most requested templates by the community will definitely be added in a future update.

XO proxies alpha

A very early version of our XO proxies feature is available for (some) people to test.

For now, we have only selected a few people that were registered on the interest list and deployed the first iteration of our proxy in their infrastructure.

After the initial feedback period and probable fixes that will come with it, we will progressively add new people into the test. If you want to be part of the tests or simply stay tuned to the latest news regarding this feature, don't forget to subscribe to this list.

Our first goal with the XO proxies is to create a more viable backup solution, especially when you want to perform backups at distant sites. More information is available on this devblog.

Direct connection to SSH button

⚠ This feature might require you to properly configure your browser or OS in order for the console to be handled properly.

We have added a button directly in Xen Orchestra, on the VM console view, to allow you to quickly access your favorite SSH terminal in a single click.

Network encryption

You need to use XCP-ng 8.0 (or higher versions) in order to use encryption.

You now have the ability to encrypt your networks when you use the SDN controller thanks to ipsec encryption.

In order to be able to encrypt the networks, you need to install the openvswitch-ipsec package on all your hosts (only available for XCP-ng 8.0):

yum install openvswitch-ipsec --enablerepo=xcp-ng-testing
systemctl enable ipsec
systemctl enable openvswitch-ipsec
systemctl start ipsec
systemctl start openvswitch-ipsec

Web-ui performances improvement

We have added a short term cache for the backup logs. This modification should greatly improve the performances while dealing with the backup logs, especially if you have a lot of clients viewing backup at the same time. This should also reduce the charge of your XOA VM.

Open Source Summit - Lyon

As we previously announced it, we will attend the Open Source Summit in Lyon from the 28th to 30th October. You can meet us in our booth : B3


More information about the event are available on the official website