Xen Orchestra 5.33

Key delta backup is a new feature allowing you to secure your backup job by doing a regular full backup inside a

Xen Orchestra 5.33

Spring is in the air, and it brings the latest Xen Orchestra release: Xen Orchestra 5.33. This release brings key delta backup for more secure backup jobs, the fully complete metadata backup and restore feature, as well as a brand new patching system!

Event program



We introduced XCP-ng hypervisor during the Croatian Linux's users day last year and the time has come to take a look back to celebrate one year of achievements! The conference will be given in the FER in Zagreb on the 18th of April.

More information are available on the official website of the event.

Webinar video

Our latest webinars are now available in video on our Youtube channel. If you missed them, here is your chance to catch-up.

Xen Orchestra 5.33

Key Delta backup

Delta backup is one of the most used features in Xen Orchestra. Currently, when creating a Delta Backup Job, the first time the job runs, it does a Full backup and all the following runs will be delta. This is a perfect method to consume less bandwidth and space on your remote.

One of the biggest risks associated with Delta Backup is related to chain corruption. If an undetected issue occurs on any of the exports, this will corrupt the entire backup chain and you won't be able to restore as expected.

This is the reason we introduced the Key backup for Delta Backup in Xen Orchestra. This features gives you the opportunity to do a full backup once in a while within your delta backup job. This will consume a bit more space on your SR, but will reduce the chain corruption risk.


To configure this in your appliance, you need to set a Full Delta backup interval in the advanced settings of your jobs. This is the interval that full key backups will be performed.

Metadata restore option

In Xen Orchestra 5.32 we released the new ability to backup your pools metadata. As announced in the last release, you have now the ability to restore (and delete) your metadata backup.

Patching system rewrite

The patching system in Xen Orchestra has been rewritten from scratch to offer more flexibility and stability.

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Automatic network assigned on VM creation

When you are creating a VM, if you have an automatic network specified, it will automatically assign this network to the VM.

Better sort of SR migrate selector

During VDI migration, you will now see SRs which are on the same pool first in the selector.