Xen Orchestra 5.28

Everything you need to know about Xen Orchestra 5.28, our new versioning system, the ACLs improvement and the latest XCP-ng 7.6 release!

Xen Orchestra 5.28

Everything you need to know about Xen Orchestra 5.28, our new versioning system, improvements to ACL's and the latest XCP-ng 7.6 release!

New versioning system

You may have noticed that our release numbering during the last few months could be confusing. The reason is that we decided to separate the "technical" and the "product" release.

Consequently, you can see now that the current XO version in your update page and this version are no longer related to xo-web nor xo-server current versions. We now have a dedicated number for the whole product, xen-orchestra itself. This will allow us to have a more streamlined and "linear" release process (ie: without "holes" in numbering).

Also, don't forget that you can always access the complete and detailed changelog here.

XCP-ng 7.6 is available!

After a month or so of tests, the latest version of XCP-ng is now available and ready for production. You can download XCP-ng 7.6 hypervisor from the official website.

A lot of security-related things on the menu, go read the official blog post there! Also don't miss the latest XCP-ng security bulletin!

Xen Orchestra

Patching pools improvement

Patching pools within Xen Orchestra is now an even more turnkey experience. We added an extra modal for XenServer users to be able to choose a default SR before patching if none is already defined.

We also added an alert displaying VMs with CDs attached to it and an option to eject them all.

ACLs improvement

VM operator can now create snapshots

VMs operators have now the ability to create snapshots on their VMs. They are defined as admin of the snapshots they are creating, allowing them to remove snapshots they have previously created.

VM clone

Cloning a VM will now provide the admin ACLs to the users that made the VM clone.

Note: No other ACLs will be copied from the cloned VMs.

Global UI performance improvement for non-admin users with ACLs

We have greatly improved overhall performance of Xen Orchestra for users with a large number of ACLs objects, especially for the non-admin users interface.

Backup improvements

Error message improvement for backups

When trying to backup a VM that no longer exists, we now display an explicit error: unknown item

Selection and interval can be mixed

You can now schedule your backup jobs by mixing the time and interval selection. (eg. Run every 4 minutes...)

Daily report

A daily report for all your backup jobs is now an option when configuring backup reports.

IOPS read/write/total per VM in usage report

In the usage report, we are now displaying the IOPS for read, write and total for each VM.

You can also consult the top three IOPS VM usage:

Last but not least