Xen Orchestra 5.25

Xen Orchestra 5.25 is out and brings a lot of improvement and various enhancement. Since XCP-ng 7.5 has been released, you can also subscribe to our pro support for it.

Xen Orchestra 5.25

Note: You might have noticed that version 5.25 is immediately following the 5.22 release on our blog. This is due to changes in the way our devs are working. You will see some more changes in the "versioning" of Xen Orchestra in the next few months. We will explain in detail soon, stay tuned!

XCP-ng 7.5 pro support

The latest XCP-NG version, 7.5 has been available for a few weeks. Starting with this version we are also offering pro support options for companies that want to use XCP-ng in a production environment with the security of our pro support.

Learn more on the official website


Import/Export VDI content

You can now export and import VDI content directly from Xen Orchestra.

Improved search filter

The search filter is a very powerful tool to manage your infrastructure. You can even use it to find some outdated Linux kernel for some distro, with: "debian 9.5" !4.9.0-8-amd64. This will display all your outdated Debian 9 VMs kernel, which is critical for security reasons.

But now, it's even more powerful. See below!

Wildcard support

A simple string in the search filter can contain a wildcard character (*) to match any character in a portion of the string:

foo*bar: matches foobar, foo - bar, etc.

Regular expression

For more advanced string matching, you can use regular expressions:

  • /^DNS server \d+$/: matches DNS server 1, DNS server 05 but not DNS server

  • /foo/i: with the i flag, it ignores the case, therefore it matches Foo and FOO

See more information about supported regular expressions in the documentation

Ability to set a job timeout

You can now set a timeout for jobs. This timeout is calculated in seconds.

Remote option improvements

Ability to change the type of remote

Edit/Delete remotes with invalid url

When you add a remote with an invalid url, you will now have an error message displayed and the ability to change the url.

New SR type: Local EXT

Local EXT is the thin provisioned version of Local LVM. VHD files are used and it works well to create snapshots without taking a lot of space.

Minor enhancements

  • You now have the ability to edit a backup job schedule's name

  • You now have the option to remove the previous backup before making a new one. Use this feature with caution - only if you lack space on your remote. If anything goes wrong during the backup, you will still lose the previous backup with this option enabled.

  • The SMB subfolder field is now optional

  • There is now a custom mount option field for NFS remotes