Xen Orchestra 5.22

Xen Orchestra 5.22 release is here. A lot of minor enhancements to improve your ROI by saving time when your are using Xen Orchestra.

Xen Orchestra 5.22

Summer is here, with a new release! We've taken a step back and improved on what's already available. This release focuses primarily on minor improvements and bug fixes to make your Xen Orchestra experience even more enjoyable. XCP-ng is making progress as well with a 7.5 release candidate available!

XCP-ng 7.5 - Release Candidate available

The latest version of XCP-ng 7.5 is available via a Release Candidate. Download and install instructions are provided here.
Give it a go and give us your feedback on the community forum. The production release is coming soon!

A lot of exciting stuff inside it, even ZFS experimental support!

Note: this RC is not suitable for production environments - Wait for the definitive release!

Optional port for NFS

You can now specify the port for your NFS remotes, allowing you to use remotes running on a non-default port.

Offline snapshot

You now have the option to automatically shutdown your VM before snapshotting. Then the VM is immediately started after, offering a minimal downtime for those who prefer to do an offline snapshot.

Note: offline snapshot is better if you have non-cooperatives VMs when it's time to snapshot them. Like some Windows VMs and quiesce that can't keep up the pace.

Turkish translation

Thanks to one of our contributors, the Turkish language is now available in Xen Orchestra.

Note: The translations may be incomplete, especially regarding the latest features.

Various enhancements

  • If you have no remote connected to XO, you will now have a link to the remote settings page directly from the backup view, so you can add one quickly.


  • Copy to clipboard and report buttons are now always available (even for pending jobs)

  • When creating a local remote, you will now have a warning displayed

  • Concurrency and offline snapshot option status will now be displayed as "notes" on the backup NG view, for better convenience

  • When reverting a VM, you will now be notified of the result

  • You can now select fast clone as an option when creating a VM