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XCP-ng first release landed

For those who missed it, the first XCP-ng release is now available! And it landed in the exact same day than XO 5.18, exactly in the Q1 objective.

First things first: Xen Orchestra is 100% compatible with XCP-ng!

Install XCP-ng

To install it, please jump to the "Install procedure" paragraph in the XCP-ng release blog post.

It's really similar to XenServer install:

  • download the ISO
  • burn it or copy it into an USB key (eg dd if=XCP-ng_7.4.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8M status=progress oflag=direct)
  • install it!

Use Xen Orchestra with XCP-ng

If you already have XOA, just go into your Settings/server view, and add the IP of your XCP-ng pool master:

That's it!

And XCP-ng all features are enabled, even those lost since XenServer 7.3 release.