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XCP-ng 7.5

The latest release of the turnkey Xen hypervisor is here! Let's discover what's inside.

The official announcement is available here. It's obviously 100% compatible with Xen Orchestra. But even better: XCp-ng fixed a big regression that affected disk export (= backups) on XenServer 7.5. If you missed it, go read our story on how we chased and fixed a nasty issue in XS 7.5.

A real community effort

XCP-ng is not driven by one company or one individual: it's a real community effort. It all started with a very successful Kickstarter campaign, and now it gather 500 members on its very active forum, with also its own GitHub organization.

New stuff and bug fixes

There is so much to say, but in short:

  • XenServer bugs were fixed (not just one!)
  • ZFS and Ceph experimental support added
  • USB passthrough, Networking SR-IOV, bigger pools…

Go read the official blog post to learn more.

Download or upgrade

You can download it here. If you want to upgrade, please read this guide.