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Meet us at FOSDEM 2018

The February 3rd and 4th, one of the biggest European event around open source solutions, takes place in Brussels (Belgium, Europe, Earth): FOSDEM
As every year since 2013, the XO team will be a part of it!


During all the event we will borrow some space to the Xen Project team. It will be in the K bulding (level 1, group C)



This year, you will have the opportunity to speak with two of our founders, Julien Fontanet (CTO) and Olivier Lambert (CEO). A great opportunity to ask all the questions you may have about Xen Orchestra!

But this year, we are also the herald of the XCP-ng project. A 100% community project to create a free and open-source Citrix XenServer alternative.

Not enough? OK, we will also have some surprises for you.

⚠ Spoiler alert ⚠




Marketing manager at Vates since 2017, working on the communication and business development on Xen Orchestra and XCP-ng virtualization platform. I'm also a tech enthusiast and a fan of photography.

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