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XenServer 7.6

In time for the "one release per quarter" cycle, here is XenServer 7.6!

What's new?

The official changelog is here. In short, experimental features from 7.5 are now considered stable.

Bug fixes

We are proud to say we fixed (or assisted) some issues existing in previous XenServer 7.5:

  • We found, reported and helped XS/XAPI devs to pinpoint an overflow issue while exporting large VHD files (>1TiB), due to signed int usage (XSO-868)
  • We found, reported and fixed a critical regression happening in XS 7.5. We even submitted a pull request toward XS code (XSO-873). Fun fact: our fix was even merged in XCP-ng 7.5, weeks before 7.6 was available. Read more on the story here.
  • We found, reported and fixed a bug regarding a first boot file incorrectly packaged on XS 7.5 update package (XSO-877)
  • And more minor issues reported on the official bug tracker

XCP-ng status

More to come for XCP-ng very soon: software RAID support during install, and other cool stuff :) XCP-ng 7.6 dev cycle is now open, we'll have an RC relatively soon. You can stay tuned on the XCP-ng website, in the news section, or subscribe to the newsletter via the same page.