XenServer Infrastructure Reports

Plan and receive your reports by email, on your whole XenServer infrastructure.

XenServer Infrastructure Reports

A new feature is coming soon: Xen Orchestra Reports: a recap of activity and usage of your whole XenServer infrastructure. Those reports can be scheduled weekly or monthly and send to any email address you like.

A recap of all your XenServer

You'll have a lot of information on your XS infrastructure:

  • Average usage of CPU, RAM, Disks and network for all your VMs
  • Top 3 VMs (in CPU, RAM, Disk and network)
  • Same for your hosts (average usage and Top 3)
  • Top 3 SRs
  • Hosts missing patches

Here is just a quick example with page 5 of a report:

But that's not all!

After the initial report, the next one will compare automatically with previous values: this way, you can't miss any trend modification in your entire XenServer infrastructure!

The report will compare:

  • all changes in VMs (+/- number of VMs before previous), all changes in average resource usage (in %)
  • same for hosts
  • display all new created hosts, VMs and users. But also all those have been removed.

trend example

The goal of this feature is to help you to:

  • comply with some regulatory things (having the list of updates etc.)
  • having a clear report of what's happening
  • explain why you need to buy more toys for your DC ;)