Xen Orchestra 5.7

March release! Almost 40 issues closed, better global UI usability and bug fixes.

Oh, and XOSAN is now working on XenServer 7.1!

The complete changelog is available here.

Shared VMs in resource set

Before now, when adding a VM to a resource set, only the user could see it. Now, by clicking on "Share this VM", a user of self service can share it to all the other users in its group!. Very useful for a dev team :)

Improved Reports

The reports on your whole infrastructure are now improved. More clear, you can spot easily what's changed since the last report, having names of all your VMs and hosts displayed (instead of UUIDs).

Install supplemental packs pool wide

You have a supplemental pack that you want to install on ALL your hosts of your pool? No need to do it for each host, now just go into pool view, in "Advanced" tab:

Host affinity

You can now choose the affinity of a VM at creation: XenServer will try to run it on your preferred host as possible. It's available in the "Advanced Settings":

You can also change the affinity anytime in the VM view into its "Advanced" tab.

Hungarian Translation

Our 6th language translated! Welcome to the Hungarian translation into XO!

Auto VLAN matching

when you migrate a VM to another pool, we tried previously to match the networks with the same name. If it fails, we fallback to the default network. We added an extra step before fallback: if there is no network with the same name, then we try to match the network VLAN.