Xen Orchestra 5.6

First release of the year, and it's a pretty nice one! A lot of new features but also the usual pile of bug fixes.

Want to meet us? If you are in Europe next Februray 4 and 5, we'll be at FOSDEM 2017 near (or on) the Xen booth. Come to say hi!

Integrated Pro Support

Create an issue directly from XOA to our dedicated pro issue tracker. In the Settings/logs view, you can click on "Report issue" button, it will pre-fill the report with the issue itself:

This way, it's easier for you to report a bug and easier for us to understand it! At the end, it means better and faster support :)

XenServer reporting

For more details about this, read our previous blog post about "XenServer PDF Reports".

File level restore improved

Multi files zip

File level restore supports multiple file restore: select each file you need, then download a ZIP containing everything!

LVM restore

Xen Orchestra is now able to restore a XenServer VM with its disk formatted in LVM.

Supplemental packs management

You can now see all the supp pack installed on your hosts:

You can also upload/install packs directly from your browser!

You have created some supplemental packs? Contact us! It would be possible to create a repository of packs accessible directly from XO: this way, pack installation will be really simple :)

Improved patching

We now handle patching in case of Xen Tools are mounted in your VMs: if a patch request to have all Xen Tools unmounted, we'll do it automatically!

UI improvements

This version is also improved for a lot of small things. Follow the guide!

Better scheduler

It's easier to understand how to do something "every X" (minutes, days, etc.):

Disconnected servers

Before, it was hard to understand a current host status in the Server view. Now, you can see instantly if it's connected or not:

Links to filtered home view

In the pool view, clicking on big icons will lead you to a filtered view of hosts, SR or VMs from this pool:

Combined stats in pool view

Check our previous article about this. In short, you got a new consolidated overview of your pool activity:

Quiesce snapshot display

We forgot to re-implement this feature from previous XO UI (in 4.x). Fixed!

Mount local DVD or device to a VM

Want to mount a local DVD or usb key to your VM? Now it's possible!

Are you a VPS vendor?

Recently, we started to have some non-negligible traction about a WHMCS plugin integration with XOA. This is technically possible, but we need your help to make it real.

A thread on our forum is open to share your experience and feedback, because it's invaluable to us. Let's build this together!

What about XOSAN?

We are still working on it, we want to release a first beta soon, stay tuned. We'll probably make an announcement a bit after the FOSDEM. We'll send a dedicated email for registration on the closed beta, and creating the maximum feedback possible with everyone use case. Keep in mind our priorities in XOSAN development are:

  • Phase I: deployment and resiliency tests (validate all possible failure scenarios)
  • Phase II: introduce flexibility tests (remove/replace failed nodes)
  • Phase III: performance tuning tests

All along, we'll ask testers to provide benchmarks to eliminate non-satisfactory cases (eg too slow to be in production).