Xen Orchestra 5.4

Here is a new release of Xen Orchestra, the management stack for XenServer.

In this release: better UI, new views, Slack plugin for backup reports… and many more!

As usual, the "raw" changelog is available here.

Don't forget to download our brand new appliance!

Backup reports to Slack

Now, your backup reports can be send directly to slack!

It works also for MatterMost:

You can read more about XenServer backup reports to slack here.


A lot of small improvements in this version, to ease your everyday XenServer administration work.

Dedicated SR view

A new home view is available, dedicated to Storage Repositories (SRs). It's also available with the keyboard shortcut "g s":

SR are sorted by size by default, but you can change the order easily:

You can also expand lines to see the number of VDIs in the SR:

Obviously, you can select multiple SRs to make bulk actions. And finally, the SR status has 3 colors:

  • green: SR connected to all its hosts
  • orange: SR partially connected (one host at least but not all)
  • red: SR not connected to any hosts

This way, you can detect quickly if you have unexpected disconnected SRs!

Clickable tags

When you click on a tag, it will automatically send you to the home view and filter on it. Very useful to "group" your VMs or whatever objects.


The restore backup UI is now more unified and easier to use: we are displaying all VMs at once, regardless where they are stored. You can search and filter for any VM you want to restore.

Also, restored VMs are suffixed with the date of the backup.

Eg: you did a backup of a VM with the name Alpine Mini, November the 7th. The restored VM will have the name Alpine mini (2016-11-07).

Test plugins

Some plugins require configuration that could be hard to test easily. For example, sending emails for backup reports.

So we added a "Test plugin" button after an email field to send the test:

You'll receive an email:

Hi there,

The transport-email plugin for Xen Orchestra server seems to be working fine, nicely done :)

In case of any error, it will be displayed.

Boolean filters

Want to search for shared Storage? You can use this syntax now: shared?. Same for auto_poweron? to check which VM will boot automatically if XenServer is rebooted.

Under the hood

We started to create a complete backend to report precisely all XenServer error. It's the first step toward better understanding of what's happening in some cases.

What's next?

In December, the final release of the year will deliver a very exciting new feature. Stay in touch ;)