Xen Orchestra 5.2

Xen Orchestra 5.2 is here! In this big release, there is 30 bug fixes and more than 30 enhancements, like:

  • Smart backup
  • OVA import
  • IP management (VIF locking and IP reservation)
  • SSH keys management
  • new VM from a snapshot
  • log view
  • lot of improvements and bug fixes

Want to see the changelog? Follow this link.

Smart backup

No need to pick your VMs one by one: you can automatically backup bulk VMs by location (pool, host), status (all, running, halted) or even by tags.

Go read more on our dedicated blog post!

OVA import

You can now import your OVA files (tested with OVF 1.0 format, coming from VirtualBox)!

It's just a drag and drop inside the UI, and you're set. Read more in our blog post about how to import OVA in XenServer.

IP management

You can now, as an admin, make IP range reservation that you will assign to some VIFs of your VMs.

What does it mean? It means non authorized IPs in the VM will be blocked.

Want to know more? Go read our dedicated blog post about XenServer IP management.

This feature was sponsored by Neuronnexion

SSH keys management

For your compatible CloudInit XenServer VM templates, you can store your SSH keys. But also manage them. We already made a blog post about it: SSH key management with Xen Orchestra for XenServer.

New VM from a snapshot

You created a snapshot and you want to check what's inside. But you don't want to revert your current VM? Now it's easy to create a VM from this snapshot, just by clicking on a button:


You have now a dedicated log view, in "Settings". It allows to check every error possible in XO without the need to SSH on XOA and read the syslog.

You can filter in live, and display the stack trace. It will be very useful to track any issues (both on XenServer or XOA side).

Better console view

2 new possibilities: collapse the top content in the console view, and/or resize on the fly the console.

Non-collapsed vs collapsed (left to right):

Console size changed:

Max concurrent jobs

When you start to use smart backup feature for XenServer using Xen Orchestra, you could trigger a LOT of simultaneous (concurrent) jobs. We fixed this by allowing 2 jobs in parallel at max. It solves all previous issues regarding XenServer host performances while doing those backups.

Better backup reports

Your emails for backup reports are better now. First, the subject will be using this format:

[Xen Orchestra][Success | Failure] Backup report for $tag

So a failed backup job will be:

[Xen Orchestra][Failure] Backup report for PROD_VMs

Also, the email will embed the exact error message during the backup, therefore you will be able to track the problem easily!

Bug fixes

We also fixed a lot of small annoying issues, in general the whole application handle more XenServer edge cases!

The complete change log is available here: Xen Orchestra 5.2 changelog.