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Xen Orchestra 5.19

New month, new release! And right on time with latest XCP-ng too. This release is relatively important, with new features available from UI and improvements in backup-ng.


It's now compatible with reports plugins, allowing to get notified about your backup status, by email, Slack or XMPP. Logs are also vastly improved to provide more information on the backup process (each step will be visible in the end, from snapshot to merge process). This is very important because it means we'll be able to have more fine grained details on which steps is longer and improve those specifically.

Finally, we also made file level restore working for backup-ng!

New features

SR statistics

You can now monitor your SR performance directly from XO UI:


You have various metrics, like:

  • IOPS (input/output per second, in read and write)
  • IO throughput (in read and write)
  • latency (in read and write)
  • IOwait (in %)

Perf alert for disk space

Since this year, you can monitor your XenServer or XCP-ng infrastructure with various alerts. We added a new alert for storage repository used space.

It's trivial to setup in your perf alert plugin:


Here is the result in your inbox:



HBA SR creation

You can now create a new SR of "HBA" type:


New VDI from SR view

In the SR view, you can directly create a new VDI/disk:


Exposing Xen tools version

Because it's not possible to really know if tools are up to date or not, we decided to display their version number in advanced VM view anyway:


Windows Update tools management

This new setting will allow you to enable automatic tools update for Windows VMs. This feature is available in XenServer Enterprise (with a paid license) or for free in XCP-ng.

Just turn on the feature for your VM, and you'll see Windows Update giving you tools to install as an update:



Sort VMs by hosts

You can now simply sort VM by "containers" (container could be either the host or the pool where is the VM).

XCP-ng+XOA = full stack solution

Now XCP-ng is more and more mature, we'll be able to deliver pro support on both products in one offer. Want to stay tuned about this? Keep and eye there and register.