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Xen Orchestra 5.11

This new release will allow you to discover which disks need to be coalesced/merged by XenServer. And we made various fixes.

VDIs that need to be coalesced

In the SR view, go into the Advanced Tab, you can see which VDIs need to be merged, and the chain length:

Very helpful, and combined with our unique coalesce detection in XO backups, you can be relaxed about your storage health!

XOSAN Phase II incoming

We finished the hard backend work on XOSAN, we can now:

  • better cluster situation into the UI
  • enhanced resiliency
  • replace faulty nodes
  • add nodes to raise the replication/space available
  • remove nodes to lower the replication/space available

So you'll have enough flexibility to play with it without destroying it again and again (vs Phase I)

Right now, we are working on providing a better UI, because right now it's a bit complex, and we want a simple to use product. Anyway, hang on for the 5.12 release ;)