Xen Orchestra 5.10

June release! It's a maintenance release with code cleanup and improved robustness. But also a big news: consoles with support of all non-US layout!

Better consoles

6 months ago, we reported to Citrix a problem in XenServer console management (also the cause and the solution). They backported the fix recently, so you could enjoy consoles in your local keyboard layout :)

If you want to know more about this, read our previous blog post about XenServer consoles.

WARNING: to make it work, you need to have XS65ESP1051 (for XenServer 6.5) and XS70E033 (for XenServer 7.0). It works natively on XenServer 7.1 and 7.2. If you have an older XenServer than 6.5, please upgrade.

More robust backup jobs

We spend a lot of times understanding XenServer behavior while exporting VM disks. It's really subtle, but we test it a LOT to improve our own code and handle better all the possible situations.

Failures are now handled better, and some previous failed jobs are now even working!

Various backup improvements

More details on backup logs are provided like speed, size, status:

Delta backup VM disks can be restored on different SRs:

Improved patching

We also improved our patching algorithm. Get more details in our dedicated blog post about XenServer automated patching.