Dev report 3 on Xen Orchestra 5.0

Third dev report! You can check dev report 1 and dev report 2 if you missed them!

Let's see what's new on the performance side. And because we have some users willing to let us test, we could validate XO performances before a release. And that's very cool.

38 times faster

Our goal is to give you an UI which load almost instantly. So we spent time to optimize our data model in xo-web to be blazing fast. And guess what? We did it!

Real example? The time needed to load the home view when you are coming from the VM view (could be anywhere else in the application).

In milliseconds, in 2 cases:

  • with 50 VMs
  • and with 1200 VMs

Here is the loading time between XO 4 (current) and XO 5 (less is better):

Respectively 8 and 38 times faster!

In short: it doesn't depend of your infrastructure size anymore!

But that's not all: we also fixed some xo-server to be more memory efficient and faster. For larger infrastructure, XOA can still fit in a 2GB RAM for the whole system!

As you can see, this next release of Xen Orchestra will be really a huge leap in many ways!

XO 5 almost ready to take off