XO Action-reaction

Or the importance of community feedback.

This is a small story about why we love to do Open Source software and to have a community.

Obvious facts

We believe it's impossible to imagine every features people want from a product, a this is also true for Xen Orchestra. Despite I was the first "client" of the project (hey, remember I started this in 2009 to find on which hosts are my VMs), remember that: you can't beat hundreds of brains working together. That's the power of Open Source !


Here is two examples, very easy to implement, but important for some of our users.

Free space

Because now you can move a VDI of a running VM or during the VM creation process, you maybe want to know without searching how many space left on your targeted Storage Repository. That's exactly what hoerup ask us on our repository!

And as you can see, in the same day, we delivered!


This time, it was about suspending VMs. This state is like hibernating your laptop: RAM is saved and you can shutdown all your hosts. When you resume your suspended VMs, they are restored with their contexts/sessions/RAM etc.

This was asked by uweschaefer this time. And we delivered today!

In the VM view:

In the main view, allowing to suspend/resume multiple VMs in one click:


For sure, a good Open Source project need to have a community, but also the capacity to release often. That's why we'll publish a new release at the end of this month. Stay tuned!