XenServer Dundee available in pre-release

After XenServer Creedence (6.5), here comes Dundee (7.0? I don't know!).

So what's new for this first Alpha?

Dom0 changes

The BIG news in this first Alpha is all about having a Dom0 running on CentOS 7 (Creedence uses CentOS 5.10, much older).

So, this is great because the Dom0 will be much closer to the "mainline" than previous version.

I clearly see a very interesting shift from XenServer since it's Open Source, and my opinion it won't stop. Getting closest to the mainline than possible is really the way to have a the best product possible. Well done!

Docker management

You can already use a supplemental pack to play with it in Creedence. It works by using the XAPI plugin system. In this first Alpha, the plugin is already installed.

Xen Orchestra opportunities

The docker plugin will allow Xen Orchestra to also display running containers in the VM view, with basic controls: start, stop, pause/unpause and restart a container. To be fair, it already works with our CLI, but be sure we'll have something working before July!

Download Dundee Alpha 1

You can download it on this page.