XenServer 6.5 SP1

Despite that's almost one month ago, it's important to remember that XenServer 6.5 has now it's Service Pack 1!

So, what's new? For us, the key points are:

  • Initial Docker management (hey, it works in XO 4.0!)
  • Better VM density (up to 1000 VMs per host)
  • GPU improvements (Intel GVT-d support and NVidia pass through for Linux)

But wait, what's the best thing with this SP1? Thanks to XO 4.0, you can now just deploy it in one click. I mean, really. One click:

Yes, this click trigger these events:

  • xo-server will automatically download the patch on the Citrix website
  • unzip it and upload it to your host
  • everything on the fly! (using the powerful streams in Node.js)
  • finally apply the patch automatically.

Ok, that's cool. But how did you do to have it displayed in the patch list? Nothing. We fetches the available patches for your host automatically. Want to know how it works behind? Read our previous article!

We are very happy to simplify your XenServer experience. That's one of our main goals :) Enjoy XO!