XenServer 6.5 is out!

Needless to say: this new version of XenServer was eagerly awaited! There is a lot of new interesting stuff, and we'll explore this in multiple articles. Let's start with an overview.

The official announcement is here and you can download it on this link!

What's new


See four yourself:

For sure, we'll do benchmarks on our side :)


  • 64 bit dom0
  • Linux 3.10 kernel
  • Xen 4.4
  • Open virtual switch 2.1.3
  • Boot storm handling improvements by using read caching
  • Read caching for file based SRs
  • TRIM and UNMAP for better storage reclaim
  • 32 bit to 64 bit VM migration
  • Storage migration from XenServer 6.2 and prior
  • SLES 11 SP3 support
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS support
  • Network, Storage and vGPU Improvements

And it solves an annoying bug with Debian Jessie and other modern Grub version with LZMA kernels, as explained here and here.

The complete release notes are available here.

Compatibility with Xen Orchestra

As a curcial release, we made tests every months with each new beta/RC to verify if it works. And as you may read on Twitter, it works out of the box!


We'll make soon extensive tests to provide benchmarks, tips and other useful feedback. Stay tuned!