Xen Orchestra 4.7

Right on time to deliver a better experience to the web interface of XenServer :) Despite new lads joined the team less then 10 days ago, we managed to make a reasonable release. They already contributed to some code in this 4.7!

Usual stuff, the complete changelog is here.

So what's new in this 4.7? At least, the possibility to add an existing XenServer host in a pool, but the biggest change is that the plugin configuration is now possible right in the web interface \o/ No more complicated YAML indentation for huge plugins (e.g: LDAP). Furthermore, we integrated browser notifications: very useful for long async tasks, like migrate or VDI migration in your XenServer infrastructure. We also made some UI enhancement (a new dataviz too!) and bug fixes.

Plugin configuration in the web interface

It speaks for itself: good bye the complicated YAML structure to configure all your plugins.

Now, you just have to put the plugin name in the config file, all its configuration will be done in the web interface:

You can enable/disable a plugin, change its config or also make tests very easily.

You have a previous configuration? No worries! It will be automatically fetched and you'll retrieve everything in the web interface.

Finally, in the configuration file, the only thing left for plugins is this:


Nothing more!

Browser notifications

When you start a task, e.g a live migration or a VDI migration, it could take a lot of time. Maybe you want to focus on something else after starting the task? Now, as soon you'll leave the focus on your XO tab, you'll receive a notification when it's done (or failed) :)

Just allow notifications for XO in your browser to enjoy it :)

Graph selector

This small improvement helps to find the dataviz you wanted:

Circle packing

It's an alternative to the sunburst visualization used to track your VDIs or RAM usage. The concept is similar and allow a simple way to detect problems or strange proportions in your infrastructure.

Plus this chart is zoomable!

circle packing example

circle packing example 2

Add host to a pool

Behind this name is the possibility to add a host to an existing pool. Yes, so far we got only the possibility to evacuate a host from a pool, but not to make the opposite operation.

How to do it? Just go on your host, and click on right button in the action bar:

merge pool

Better user creation UI

Maybe it's not a big change, but it really helps when you are creating users in Xen Orchestra. Here is two things:

Password check on user creation

Because you type the password once, you maybe have the need to check if it's correctly typed. You need to let the button clicked to reveal the password (release it will hide it again):

password reveal

Password generation

On the same topic, generate a password is also a good way to avoid thinking of what you'll choose. Just click on the "key" icon and you're done! You can also reveal it:

generate password

Session persistence

You can now check (or uncheck) a "Remember me" box. By not checking it, if you close your browser, next time you start it you won't be connected to Xen Orchestra.

Bug fixes

  • Export options inconsistency fixed
  • Proper host pool removal
  • Sub-optimal tooltip placement fixed
  • Alone host can't leave its pools (remove button)
  • VM migrate host incorrect target


  1. Already a XOA user? Just use the updater for a smooth experience, and start to use 4.7 right now! Don't forget to refresh your browser after the update.
  2. Or download it in your member zone and make the update :)

What's next

Ramp up with our new team, allowing more surprises in the next release ;) Stay tuned for new features coming for the web interface for XenServer!