Xen Orchestra 4.16

Hi everyone,

4.16 is mainly a maintenance release to fix some issues. We are also fully dedicated on the new 5.0 and its brand new interface.

By the way, this month was really interesting for the project, because:

  • we were at the Xen Hackathon 2016
  • and then we visited the home of XenServer, at Citrix offices in Cambridge.


This maintenance release is possible thanks to the help of Citrix teams: we have now a deeper knowledge on XenServer and how to workaround some stuff:

  • Continuous replication is more reliable, we found and fixed a race condition for Windows VMs using the quiesce mechanism
  • We reviewed some features with XenServer/XAPI teams, to be sure we are doing it fine
  • We learnt a lot about internal XS mechanism, and improved our software accordingly (eg for live migration)

Citrix offices in Cambridge

We had the opportunity to make a techtalk there to explain a bit our software architecture and the future of XO:


Beside working on XO, we also discussed about what's coming next on XenServer. And believe me, there is a lot of exciting stuff coming, and of course we'll cover it in blog post.

Xen Orchestra 5.0

In theory, we'll only release patches until the first 5.0: it will be the start of a big step for Xen Orchestra!

Don't forget to read the blog post about it: the future of Xen Orchestra 5.x branch