Xen Orchestra 4.15

XO 4.15 is out, with a beta of the load balancer, a new dashboard for the self-service, and also a nice list of new stuff:

  • XenServer VM load balancing
  • Migration queue for Storage XenMotion
  • a complete rework of the XenServer network management (parity with XenCenter)
  • better migration panel
  • auto match destination networks for cross pool migration
  • Citrix license status for pools
  • Advanced host info (BIOS strings)
  • CIFS ISO SR creation
  • Delta backup support quiesce snapshots (Windows VM delta backup is now fully supported)
  • SMB support for delta backup

Plus usual bug fixes (full changelog here).

Load balancing

This feature is working in beta so far, we need your feedback!

More on load balancing on XenServer with Xen Orchestra.

Self-service dashboard

Discover our new self-service dashboard for XenServer in this article.

Network configuration reworked

You can create create pool wide networks with VLAN, make the IP configuration etc.


  • We now support continuous delta backup on SMB remote shares.
  • Plus, we changed our way to make delta backup to allow quiesce snapshots for Windows VM: this way, even your delta backup will be consistent!

What's next

The new technical layer for XO 5.0 web interface is ready! It's time now to focus on UI creation itself (views, styles, etc.)

We'll continue to improve the load balancing feature too (with density, halting servers with wake-on-lan and also implementing the density mode).