Xen Orchestra 4.13

Welcome to XO 4.13! This one is all about security, stability and fixes, plus UI improvements. One of the major feature is the possibility to use SMB remote for full backups.

SMB remotes

You can add SMB (ex-CIFS) remotes for your backups. It doesn't work yet with Continuous Delta backup, but it will be the case soon.

So you can export now your backups to a Windows share if you like!

Checksum for backups

Making backups is great. But what about corrupted files between the backup operation and the restore? We are now recording the MD5 hash of any delta file, and save it along the file itself.

This way, when you restore your backup, you can know if it's corrupted or not!

The only thing left is to check the hash of the full image: this is not trivial, because making a MD5 sum of a big file will take a lot of bandwidth (imagine your full disk image of 1 TiB is on a remote NFS share: it means reading the whole file to make the sum). We focused on delta file protection, which is far faster.

More HTTPS security

Thanks to Helmet library, we can now offer more security to HTTPS inside XOA! HSTS, XSS & click jacking protections and more!

We also got HTTPS redirection for admins who want to redirect automatically from HTTP to the secure protocol.

Health view

This view is now regrouping data about XenServer anomalies, like orphaned VDIs or VM snapshots. Filled SR are also displayed here:

Orphaned elements could happen when migrating VMs or VDIs to other SRs.

This way, you can't miss them anymore!

Those orphaned VDIs are also displayed individually in the SR view:

UI improvements

A lot of small improvements, from tooltips to a complete live migration handling (selecting the destination storage, the migration network etc.), removing old backup logs etc:

You also have now a dedicated field for units, which is way user friendly than typing the unit yourself:

What's next

We started to work on the self service portal, and we are currently writing it. This is now a priority, and will be out for the next release!