Xen Orchestra 4.12

Happy new year! And happy new release :) This one add 2 major things: continuous replication and continuous delta backup for your XenServer hosts. Without having any extra hardware or software to install, only with Xen Orchestra.

VM Continuous replication

Protect your VMs by streaming them to another Storage every 10 minutes (or more). This target storage can be local or inside any distant XenServer host!

Read our previous blog post to learn more!

Note: it works since for XenServer 6.5

Continuous Delta backup

It means to backup by exporting full disks once for all. Indeed, after this initial export, we'll manage to only use delta blocks forever!

Read our previous blog post to learn more!

This feature also works since XenServer 6.5

Multiple VM creation

Create spawn a bunch of VMs just with one click!

Want to see it in action? Check our complete blog post.

Autoboot VMs

Just after clicking on "Create VM", you can choose to boot it automatically. Very useful, and it helps to give you an operational VM is less than 30 secs!


We also made a lot of small improvements, bug fixes and stuff. The full changelog is available here.

What's next?

We'll continue to improve the UI and try to release a first self service portal for 4.13. Which should be one of the latest before XO 5.0!