Xen Orchestra 4.1

2 weeks after the major 4.0 release, this is time for the 4.1. This is a small but cool release, bringing interesting features and also improving the update mechanism. And finally, solving minor bugs.

If you already have any recent XOA running, you can update right now thanks to the web updater released in the 4.0. Otherwise, go into your member zone to download the full XOA.

The full changelog is available here.

Drag and drop live migration

Really, quick and simple to understand in a very short video:

Here is a screenshot for those who can't play the video:

Better ACL/group management

Group view is now more efficient: you can organize all your permissions in one group. This way, you can now start to use groups to "assemble" resources.

You want some user to operate VMs, and mount some ISO of their choices? Create a group, give it the right to operate VMs and to view the SR containing the ISOs.

The whole process is in this video:

Only display accessible resources

As you may noticed in the previous video, you now can't see VDI (ISO or disk) without having at least the "view" permission in the SR where are those VDIs.

Safer upgrade process

Our big 4.0 release show that our updater process can be more robust. For that, we are bundling now all dependencies directly in the packages themselves. In this way, we are sure of what you'll get, even if there is new external dependencies since.

Better proxy handling

4.1 is now working better with proxies when you upgrade or install package through the updater. If you had previously troubles with the 4.0, download XOA 4.1!