Xen Orchestra 3.9

Another month, another release!

On the menu: charts, network creation, VM autoboot, AD support, local LVM SR, handling server connection/disconnection etc.

TL;DR: rendezvous in your member zone to get the latest appliance. Or just update your current installation if you have the Starter or Enterprise edition!

Charts, charts, charts!

We got metrics for VMs in XenServer, so now you you have 4 charts giving you the last 10 minutes values for:

  • CPUs
  • RAM usage on total RAM
  • Interfaces Rx/Tx
  • Disks reads/writes

In action:

Now you can detect any problem/spike very quickly! It also helps to debug/benchmark anything happening in your VMs

This previous article also explains how to use XenServer metrics in Xen Orchestra for real benchmarks.

Server connection management

We rewrote the Settings zone, merging ACLs, Users and Servers in one place with a lateral menu.

You can now disconnect/connect any server:

We also integrated more feedback when adding a server (e.g: bad credentials) and current status of servers.


This version is also supports officially Active Directory, LDAP filters and non-anonymous binds.


And in the misc category, we got:

  • VM autopower support (boot a VM when you boot its host)
  • Network creation in host view
  • Local SR creation (LVM)

VM autopower is just easy as a checkbox:

The complete changelog is available at this place.


4.0 is coming! Full ACLs (groups, roles etc.) Time frame? At worst in mid-May!