Xen Orchestra 3.3

Here it comes the fourth release of Xen Orchestra 3.x. The main new feature is snapshots: you can now make snapshots, delete, rename or revert them! List of visible changes:

  • full snapshot management (create, delete, rename, revert)
  • host actions, like restart toolstack, reboot or shutdown
  • log management: you can now delete a log entry in each view: vm, SR, host, pool)
  • host removal: you can remove a host from a pool

Under the hood

A big change in the way of xo-web works: we are now using Gulp instead of Grunt. It really easier to maintain and use, because Grunt cause us troubles with update system. That's why we recommend you to update XOA by downloading the new appliance.

Complete change log here.

What's next?

Next main feature will be decided by the vote of our customers ("Roadmap vote"). Want to give your vote? Go register now! You will choose between those features:

  • Event system in xo-web for ultra-reactive interface and performance boost
  • Storage Repository (SR) creation page
  • Proxy VNC console (better security, encrypted VNC and passing through NAT)
  • VDI management in VM (edit, resize, remove, add)
  • Network management in VM (remove, add networks)
  • Live migration between different pools